UPDATE: Change to the Waterside Festival


Great Linford Waterside Festival Fund 

MK Community Foundation and the Great Linford Waterside Festival are delighted to announce the creation of the Great Linford Waterside Festival Fund to build on the festival’s achievements over many years.

The free three day weekend festival took place annually during June for many years. It provided a free community-focused event for local families, and many artists have had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, while charities have been able to reach a wide audience.

After many years of running this hugely successful event, the trustees of the Great Linford Waterside Festival have decided that they are no longer able to run the event. The festival has been run by a voluntary committee and nearly all the work is carried out by a very small group of volunteers. However, in the last few years, fewer and fewer volunteers have come forward to help run it and the massive support needed over the weekend itself has dwindled. The event has also required an increasingly heavy organisational burden to make sure it is safe for all to enjoy.

The Festival’s assets have been transferred to Milton Keynes Community Foundation, a trusted local charity with experience managing funds and awarding grants to charities benefitting people across Milton Keynes.

Deborah Cooper, Chair of the Great Linford Waterside Festival trustees said “We’d like to thank all the people who volunteered their time and effort to ensure that local people had an annual festival that so many could enjoy with friends and family. We are sad the festival will no longer take place, but are thrilled that there will be an ongoing legacy that will help other groups make use of the funds we have raised over the years.”

Local charities and community groups are invited to apply to MK Community Foundation for funding for their projects by visiting www.mkcommunityfoundation.co.uk

The fund will help local people advance their education in the arts and access recreation and leisure activities.

Julia Upton Chief Executive of MK Community Foundation said:

“From time to time some local groups and charities make the decision to cease but as they still have funds, they need to find an effective way to use them and meet their charitable objectives. The solution for the Waterside Festival has been to partner with us at MK Community Foundation, so they have transferred their funds to us so that their legacy lives on. We are delighted they have entrusted us so we can make grants supporting many community groups with their events and arts access projects for years to come.”

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